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Excavate Your Aesthetic: an art-making workshop with Rebecca Smyth on September 27th.

Inspired by the many artworks in our new Formed by Sand exhibit, you’ll create your own individual work of art with the guidance from Calgary educator, facilitator and contemporary art-maker Rebecca Smyth.

Rebecca Smyth

Rebecca Smyth

Imagine, with Rebecca’s professional guidance, making your own art – from observation and sketching to working and reworking materials – and gaining an appreciation for your unique aesthetic and how it guides you to see and understand the world around you.

We will provide all the art materials and, to get you warmed up, a complimentary drink from our Restaurant bar. Bring your friends and take home a work of art as unique as you. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to play and explore.

Time: Thursday September 27

6:30 doors

7:00 – 9:30 workshop

Price: $60 ($50 for Lougheed House members and seniors)

Below, workshop instructor Rebecca Smyth tells you what to expect on September 27.
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Workshop Itinerary


The works in the exhibition all reference a sense of place and the history of materials, which are concepts we’ll also be drawing on as we work on our two artworks. The tour will give a deeper look at the exhibition concepts, give participants a chance to consider works that they find interesting or inspiring, and start thinking about how techniques and materials communicate certain ideas or emotions.


Drawing is the foundation of all art making. More than just a literal translation of an image onto paper, drawing is about expressive mark-making, using lines, shapes and gestures and a wide variety of tools.
We’ll begin with a warm-up where participants will do several line and texture studies without focussing on a finished product. This will be on-site throughout the house, to get a sense of place and use the architecture and the details of the house as inspiration. We’ll then return to the shared work area to combine these studies into a finished piece. Participants will select several of the smaller studies to layer into one finished abstract drawing that reflects their impressions of the house.
~Wine/cocktail/beer break~


Building on the concepts from the drawing exercises, participants will use mark making and surface building to modify a found object (provided by the workshop). Conceptually, we will consider literal and emotional histories and layers of objects, and how that translates into visual language.


We’ll be referencing techniques and concepts that can be found across the House’s current Formed by Sand exhibition, in order to build artistic literacy (looking at and understanding artworks), to test out techniques and mediums, and to build participants’ own visual vocabularies — what techniques/mediums/compositions they like and dislike when they make their own work.
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