In 2017 we asked some of our Beltline community neighbours to create one-time tours of Lougheed House that reflected not the stories that we wanted to tell, but the stories that they wanted to tell.

We hoped that some of the tours would challenge our biases and assumptions. For the public, the thrill was to be part of an experimental one-time event that was unscripted and unorthodox.

Both the House and the Beltline community were thrilled that these tours allowed us to discover new ways of seeing connections between us, or perhaps ways to bridge some of the gaps that we know are there.

Except to give them access to the House, its collection and archives, a resource library, and some training on how to research the House and the surrounding Beltline community, we stayed out of their way on their choice of subject and narrative approach.


All four tours sold out and earned Lougheed House an Alberta Museums Association Leadership Award for Engagement.W

We are grateful for funding from the Alberta Museums Association through the Operational Staffing Grant, 2017, to support such visitor experiences here.


We are grateful for the support of Calgary Arts Development for this program.


Lougheed House

Lougheed House is a hub of cultural happenings and programs, and the heart of Calgary’s Beltline community. A National and Provincial Historic Site and Museum located on our original 2.8 acres, our 14,000 square-foot sandstone prairie mansion remains one of the finest residences in Canada’s Northwest. It was the political and social hub of a fast-growing Calgary from 1891-1938. We offer spectacular flower & vegetable gardens (free and accessible 24 hours) and indoors we offer (with paid admission) self-guided and guided tours, audio tours, historic interpreters (if booked in advance) and year-round revolving exhibits, concerts, and happenings produced in partnership with our cultural collaborators.