Our Vision: Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future.

Lougheed House is operated by Lougheed House Conservation Society, an independent, non-profit society, devoted to the restoration and public enjoyment of the historic house and its gardens. Lougheed House was registered as a non-profit organization on January 20, 1995.


Board of Directors

Carol N. Howes

Darryl Cariou

Gerry Meek – Chair

Joe Novak

John Trikola

Len Polsky

Lorraine Walker

Melissa Cook

Volker Mendritzki

Catherine Whalley – Ex-Officio – Government of Alberta
Kirstin Evenden – Ex-Officio Executive Director

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Recognized Museum Status

Lougheed House has been awarded the Recognized Museum designation from the Alberta Museums Association. Lougheed House earned this designation after participating in the Museum Affirmation Program, a new initiative designed to strengthen the Association’s accountability toward the public funds it distributes through grants and programming to the province’s museums.

Recognized Museum