One of the finest pleasures of a visit to Lougheed House is a stroll through the formal Beaulieu Gardens, situated on the 2.8 acre Lougheed estate. The Lougheeds were horticultural leaders in their community, often winning Calgary Horticultural Society 1st prizes for many garden and lawn entries between the years of 1908 – 1914.


The Beaulieu Gardens

Lougheed House has long been a sanctuary of peace and beauty in the middle of the city. Each year, our head gardener and wonderful team of volunteers work tirelessly to present a themed garden that ties into the theme of the house as a whole. Come and visit our gardens and experience it for yourself.

2014 Garden Theme

The Gardens this year commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, and the personal connections and roles that the Lougheed family, the original owners of the House, played in the war. Clarence and Edgar, two of Sir James and Lady Isabella’s children, both served in the war, and James Lougheed was instrumental in his work with the hospitals commission, which is now Veteran’s Affairs. The Lougheeds also had close ties to Lord Strathcona’s Horse, and to The Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and their daughter, Princess Patricia, for whom the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry are named. Look for the VP (Victoria Patricia) crest in the formal gardens, created using marguerite daisies which were represented on the original insignia, as well as poppies throughout the gardens.



The restored Beaulieu Gardens are a recreation of the Lougheeds’ time and the essence of the original can still be seen in the perimeter plantings of spruce trees, the balustrades and the circle beds. The plant material is historically accurate to their period of 1891 – 1925.

Beaulieu Gardens at Lougheed House are a beautiful showpiece for the city of Calgary and the province of Alberta, made possible by our many corporate and private donors. The Beaulieu Gardens in this now public inner-city estate provide pure enjoyment of horticultural beauty and nature, while fostering preservation, education and cooperation within the community. Our outstanding volunteers dedicate countless hours to preparing the beds, planting, weeding, edging, watering, transplanting and deadheading.