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What’s the fuss about “Giving Tuesday”? The simple answer, of course, is that it’s one day to signal the time of year that most charities receive the majority of their donations. But is there more to it than that?

Coming as it does on the heels of the Black Friday, U.S, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday sandwich, it’s an opportunity for folks to take care of the causes that they care about. Right after they’ve taken care of their own needs and those of family and friends during the shop-and-save, give thanks, shop-and-save cycle described above.

Wikipedia says Giving Tuesday started in the US “as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season.”

There can be little doubt that overindulgence in the department store, at the turkey table, and in the Amazon checkout can leave one feeling remorseful, maybe even somewhat ashamed.

Psychology Today helpfully informs us that “shame impacts our feelings about who we are as people, it makes sense that it would create motivation to change those aspects of ourselves about which we feel negatively.”

What better way to assuage those feelings and to motivate us to change, than to give to a cause that we feel good about?

So here we are on Giving Tuesday, 170,000 charities around Canada, ready to help you feel good about yourself again!

My particular favourite, Lougheed House, is amongst 85,000 charities with a Charitable Registration number, able to give you a tax receipt to help you feel good not only right now but clear through to tax time in April and beyond.

During the busy Lougheed House Holiday Season we are raising funds for Youth and Family Programs which run all throughout the year. Won’t you help us put smiles on the faces of young people and their families as they learn about the past and experience history?

Please donate now, register your righteous response to commercialization and consumerism, and banish those feelings of overindulgence. You’ll feel glad you did.

Sean French, Lougheed House Development Manager

Sean French, Development Manager


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