Lougheed house is committed to education. We are excited to have our younger visitors experience yesterday, today! Our programs are directly linked with Alberta curriculum and provide an immersive learning experience.

School Programs

Designed for Alberta Grades 1-6. Help your class discover the exciting past that our province experienced. All of our programs link to the Alberta curriculum. To find out how you and your elementary class can get interactive with Alberta’s history view our

Young History Explorer Card

After a school visit, each student will receive a Young History Explorer Card ($25 value) which grants themselves and their family (2 adults and 2 children) a free visit to the museum.



An Intimate Connection with Calgary’s Past

In 1891 James and Isabella Lougheed, one of Alberta’s most influential families, built this beautiful mansion on what was then the outskirts of a young pioneer town. Since then, Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses, and the first female contingent of the Canadian army during WWII, have stayed at Lougheed House and brought with them their own unique stories. These personal stories of fascinating people are the connective threads running through all of our school programs. Students can metaphorically grasp the threads and unravel these unique histories as a lived experience as opposed to a static, abstract concept. The intimate and familiar environment of our cozy home is a truly unique learning space, where we empower students to create a personal connection with the past, one that informs the present and future.


NEW! – Lady Belle: From Fur Trade Fort to Beaulieu Mansion

Grades 3-6 (Social Studies)

The Lady of Lougheed House, Isabella Hardisty Lougheed (Lady Belle), had an extraordinary life. Students will learn about her early childhood in the far north, her arduous travels by canoe and wagon across Canada, and her adult life as the wife of a Senator and mother of six children. Students will explore her rich Métis heritage and her family connections to the fur trade and Hudson’s Bay Company. We will compare what it might have been like to live in a small, rough fur-trading fort versus a large, rich, beautiful mansion. This program includes a tour of Lougheed House.


Art Explorers

Grades 1-6 (Social Studies and Art)

Students will explore the Lougheed House and its unique Victorian style and design motifs. After learning sketching techniques, students will be given a tour of the main and second floor and will be encouraged to closely observe their surroundings by using sketching as a mode of looking. Students will also be provided with a picture scavenger hunt to promote visual detective work and also to engage students who prefer a kinaesthetic learning style. Lougheed House will provide all supplies, i.e., worksheets, pencils and clipboards


A Land of Opportunity

Grades 4-6 (Social Studies)

This program tells the story of five real families who chose to immigrate to Alberta at the turn of the century. Upstairs, students will have the opportunity to connect with the personal stories of these families and reflect upon the reasons they chose to immigrate to Alberta through short readers theatre plays, complete with a small stage set and props. A variety of roles will be available so that all students will have a positive experience participating in this activity. Downstairs, students will interact with an extensive collection of culturally significant objects which families chose to bring to Alberta. Students will learn about how these objects are endowed with both personal and cultural meanings.


Victorian Christmas –SEASONAL (November – December)

Grades 1-4 (Social Studies and Art)

Come and experience the magic of Lougheed House during the holiday season when the house is filled with decorations and over a dozen Christmas trees! This program centres around the significance of traditions in various cultures, which students will be encouraged to share in an introductory group discussion. Students will learn about Victorian Christmas traditions and how they are similar or different to contemporary traditions. Students will have the opportunity to play with a wide array of gifts which would have been received by Victorian children. Students will also have the opportunity to make their own cup-and-ball toy or a Victorian Christmas card to bring home with them at the end of the day. This seasonal program is extremely popular and books up quickly!


Life at Lougheed House

Grades 1-4 (Social Studies)

This program explores the lives of the many people who lived and worked at Lougheed House. Students will be introduced to artefact handling and a member of our curatorial team will show a rare artefact from our collection which is not on display to the public. Downstairs, students will have the opportunity to interact with a wide assortment of historical objects and work in groups to identify who in the house would have used particular items. Upstairs, students will be given a tour which will detail what a typical day would have consisted of for a member of the Lougheed family or their staff. At the end of the tour students will have another opportunity to interact with an array of historical toys.



How much do programs cost?

$5.00 per student for a half-day program (single program)

$10.00 per student for a full-day program (two programs)

After a school visit, each student will be given a Young History Explorer Card ($25 value) which covers the cost of a family admission to Lougheed House. We encourage students to bring their families back with them so they can share everything they learned during our school programs!

How many students can I bring?

In order to ensure program quality, 50 students per program is our maximum capacity. Please contact the school programs office at (403) 244-6333 ext. 106 or schoolprograms@lougheedhouse.com about combining more than one class on a trip.

How long are the school programs?

Most of our programs are 1.5 hours in length.

What time do programs start? How is that day structured?

Our morning programs begin at 10:00 am with an introduction to Lougheed House and end at approximately noon. If you are registered for an afternoon program your class will take a 30-minute lunch break at noon and begin your second program at approximately 12:30. If you want to schedule a bathroom or snack break for your students, simply let us know when you arrive.

Where can we eat lunch?

Groups are invited to eat lunch in our Ballroom or, on warm days, outdoors on our lawns. Lunchtime supervision is the responsibility of the teachers and their adult supervisors. Please ensure that each child brings a nutritious lunch as there are no food or beverages for sale at Lougheed House. Please only bring cold lunches (parents included) as there is no on-site microwave available. There is NO water fountain on site so water bottles are strongly encouraged.

Are the programs exclusively indoors?


When should we arrive for our program?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. If your group is experiencing delays, please contact (403) 244-6333 as soon as possible.

Is there onsite parking?

We have onsite parking for cars and buses on 13th Ave SW. Buses can occasionally be accommodated in the on-site car park with prior notice.

Do your programs meet specific Alberta curriculum requirements?

Yes, each of the programs offered by Lougheed House has been designed to target multiple aspects of the Alberta curriculum.

Can school programs be adapted to suit different learning needs?

All programs can be adapted to suit ESL learners or students with special needs. Please specify any unique needs of your group upon booking.

How early should I book?

We recommend all programs be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Dates for our Victorian Christmas program vary in November and December depending on when the House is decorated.

What do I need to book a school program?

For information on how to book go to http://www.lougheedhouse.com/school-programs/

Please be aware that all programs run on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

How do we pay?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance is due upon arrival. We accept cheque, VISA, Mastercard or cash.

How many adult supervisors do we need?

We strongly recommend a ratio of one supervising adult to every five students. Adult supervisors must remain with their groups at all times and arrive at the House with the understanding that their participation may be required. Adult supervisors are not permitted to explore the House on their own.

What do I need to prepare before our visit?

Please discuss the rules with your students and provide them with nametags which can be clearly seen. Please copy the guidelines found in this package and distribute them to your adult supervisors.

How do I cancel or reschedule a program?

Any cancellations or changes to your booking(s) must be made through the Programs Office at (403) 244-6333 ext. 106 or at schoolprograms@lougheedhouse.com at least one week prior to your program date. Failure to provide one week’s notice will result in forfeiting the initial 50% deposit made at the time of booking.


For inquiries please contact Lougheed School Programs and Family Activities:

Adrienne Leicht
Guest Services, Programs and Volunteer Manager
Phone: (403) 244-6333 ext. 106

If you would like to register for a school program, please download and complete our School Programs Booking Form and e-mail it to: